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Recherche et publications sur l’hypnose – Juillet 2016

International journal of clinical and experimental hypnosis

Vol. 64 Issue 3 – 2016

Hypnose, EMDR et traumatismes psychiques.

From the Influence of Traumas to Therapeutic Letting Go: The Contribution of Hypnosis and EMDR,
Joanic Masson, Amal Bernoussi & Martine Regourd-Laizeau

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Compréhension neurophysiologique de l’anesthésie hypnotique

Hypnotically induced somatosensory alterations: Toward a neurophysiological understanding of hypnotic anaesthesia, Zeev-Wolf M, Goldstein A, Bonne O, Abramowitz EG , Neuropsychologia. 2016 Jul 1;87:182-91

Hypnose et anesthésie générale

Psychological preparation and postoperative outcomes for adults undergoing surgery under general anaesthesia, Powell R, Scott NW, Manyande A, Bruce J, Vögele C, Byrne-Davis LM, Unsworth M, Osmer C, Johnston M., Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2016 May 26;(5)


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